Saturday project

We had a relaxing Saturday, I got to spend time doing things I don’t normally have time to do on a weekend. I’ve been reading this, and working on a fun home improvement project, which I would love to share.

We bought this set of two chairs and a small table for our girls from IKEA, but what’dya know, the chair broke pretty quickly. I’ve been staring at it for a long time, wondering what to do about it, when today the solution “came to me”, like solutions to things often do, while trying to sleep, nursing, or doing the dishes… I’ve never done anything like this before, so surely the next chair that breaks will look better, but im pretty pleased with the way this came out… 🙂 besides, now it’s much stronger than it was to begin with so I don’t have to be afraid to sit on it myself!

I initially wanted to thread rope through it, but couldn’t find rope long enough to do the job. This is where the brainstorming came in.. I thought to cut up a nice piece of African material and tie it together to make a long rope.. But that would be a waste of nice material. So I went to our local laundry room, which is where people leave clothes they aren’t interested in anymore for others to take. I’ve found really nice clothes there, but also of course old stained t shirts that nobody wants.. That was exactly what I was looking for today! I came back with a basket full of bright colors. Here’s my cloth, and here is the broken chair..


Next, I cut the shirt I wanted so I had two big pieces of material, front and back, without the sleeves. I put one aside to use later, and cut the other into one long piece of material by cutting/tearing inch wide z strips.. Cut with the grain of the fabric, tear almost to the end of the row, then cut an inch above that going the other way, to make a long z.. Hope that makes sense. This is what it should look like. If you cut too much, or if it tears in the middle, no biggie, just tie the ends, you won’t see it.


I tied this long piece of “thread” to the side of my chair and started making x’s down, under, around and again. When I finished this color I tied the next color to the first and kept going…


It’s pretty self explanatory, and as easy at it looks! I did that till the entire seat was filled.


Next I worked on weaving the top layer through the first, bottom layer. This was a bit more tricky, but got easier as I got the hang of it. You can get creative here, and weave as much or as little as you like… I tied my “thread” to the side of the chair and started weaving just through the colors, back and forth.


I wanted the colors to look even, so I divided whatever I had left of each shirt (btw, I used two regular sized t shirts, and half a huge t shit for this..), and worked on both sides together, till I reached the middle section.


When I got to the middle I needed a solution for the middle of the X from the previous layer, so I made smaller sections. I like the way it turned out, and so did my daughter 🙂