Rosh HaShana Cards

The girls and I have been doing handprint alphabet, based on this lovely website, and thought it would be fun to make Rosh HaShana handprint cards.


It was pretty easy to get my 2’s hand painted and printed for the fish, but my 9mos pomegranate was a bit more challenging and required too many hands to get a photo as well…


When we had a blue hand print for the fish, and a red one for the pomegranate, we went on to decorating which was pretty simple-an eye and a smile for the fish (keeping the baby from eating all our eyes was the hardest part…), and a simple defining shape around the red handprint to turn it into a pomegranate.


We then pasted the cards onto colored construction paper and added the blessings-


May this year be as fruitful as the pomegranate and may you be the head and not the tail in the coming year 🙂

Shana Tova!